Strategic materials

At any stage of your product’s lifecycle, developing an effective communication strategy that resonates with diverse target audiences (patients, physicians, payers) is critical for the success of your product. We can help to define your strategy by working with you to determine the goals for your product, and supporting you to achieve these goals through the provision of imaginative communication materials.

If your product’s strategic plan is already in place, you can be confident that our highly experienced team will produce quality materials to support your plan. Even if your strategy is still evolving, we can adapt to any changes in the landscape, ensuring that your messages remain consistent throughout your communication materials.

  • Competitive market overview reports
  • Scientific statements and communication platforms
  • Advisory and strategic meeting minutes and follow-up report
  • Core claims
  • Value statements and presentations
  • Global value dossiers
  • Objection handling/negotiation guides
  • Annual reports

“This is an excellent report covering the content of the presentations, as well as the discussion, extremely well. I admire how you could summarise such a complex theme on such a high level of competency.”

Key Opinion Leader, Germany

Symposia and meetings

Whether you are planning a workshop, an advisory board, a stand-alone meeting, or a satellite symposium, our expertise in developing accurate scientific content ensures that your communication strategy is well presented.

We offer a full support service, from creation of abstracts and presentations through to preview/rehearsal meeting support and technical handover. We also produce high-quality promotional materials and exhibition graphics to raise awareness and maximise delegate participation. If required, one of our highly experienced medical writers can attend the symposium/meeting to capture the key outcomes that are relevant to the product’s strategy in a follow-up report or highlights document. If you are looking for something a little bit different, why not ask us about working with you to develop an activity for your breakout sessions.

  • Satellite and stand-alone symposia
  • Expert meetings
  • Advisory board meetings
  • Abstracts books, invitations, questions cards, evaluation forms
  • Scientific abstracts and posters
  • Workshops (including development and activity support)
  • Speaker training meetings
  • CME application and management

“We were very satisfied with the results of the symposium, in every aspect. Without such a professional, proactive and dedicated team, we would not have managed to have everything in place and running as well as it did.”

International Brand Manager, Europe


Creating engaging and interactive educational materials requires the integration of a wide range of digital resources.

Whether you want to use our scientific expertise to develop a theme for your brand, a complete e-learning programme for a product, or if you just want to build an animation that will simplify core concepts, ask us how digital assets can best be used to support your communication strategy.

  • E-learning development
  • Video and audio
  • Website concept and content
  • Animation of scientific concepts

“Thanks for sending the slides with voice over. We like the outcome… …now we are looking forward to distributing to our colleagues.”

Senior Medical Adviser, Europe

Information sharing

Effective communication depends on sharing the right information with the right audience. From newsletters and highlights to patient guides and educational resources, we ensure that the required messages are clear, accurate and appropriate for the target audience. We regularly produce key communication packages for our clients, not only ensuring consistency across materials, but providing timely updates that summarise key issues for your team when new evidence is published. Ask us about the range of information sharing formats we offer and allow us to work with you in deciding which would be most appropriate for your needs.

  • Newsletters
  • Q&A documents
  • Highlights
  • Leave pieces and patient-targeted leaflets
  • Disease backgrounders
  • Competitor backgrounders
  • Key issue communication guides
  • Detail aids, including annotated versions

“Many thanks for delivering the Q&A document. You and the team have worked diligently on this project and, as always, delivered to a very high standard.”

Market Access Consultant, Europe


Effective and accurate communication of data is vital for the success of your project. Our team of experienced writers and editors ensure that all communication materials present data and supporting information that is accurate, verifiable, and aligned with your strategic objectives. Whether you wish to communicate your data through an abstract or manuscript, or if you need help with poster design, we have the expertise to ensure that your publication programme runs to plan.

  • Manuscripts
  • Scientific abstracts and posters
  • Consensus reports
  • Information leaflets/booklets
  • Patient-focussed guides and brochures

“Great white paper. Thank you! Smoothly and efficiently done by you.”

Senior Director – Medical Affairs, Europe


A successful training programme requires clarity, accuracy, and a good understanding of the topic at hand. Our scientific expertise ensures that the training materials we deliver are easy to use, and contain all the relevant information that your team will need.

We can support your programme whether it is internal or external, paper-based or e-learning, and can work with you to devise creative ways of communicating key concepts. Why not ask us to produce a core slide deck that ensures consistent and accurate delivery of your strategic messages, or to discuss how we can help you to create imaginative educational resources for use as distance learning or in a training workshop.

  • Core slide kits
  • Internal and external slide kits
  • Paper-based distance learning
  • Training meetings and associated materials
  • E-learning development
  • Process training for internal standards
  • Educational resources

“For my part, let me say what a pleasure it is to work with you and the team. The material you are developing for us is of outstanding quality, delivered on or ahead of schedule, and I really value the team’s insights into the disease area, the science, our data and how we can best communicate it all.”

Senior Medical Adviser, Europe