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Emma Court, PhD
Director of Strategy
& Principal Medical Writer

Using her background in clinical trials and regulatory affairs, Emma is aware of the challenges faced by pharmaceutical companies when bringing a drug to market, and understands the need for effective communication. In her spare time, apart from juggling children, you will find Emma training for her latest sporting challenge.

Jenny Muiry, PhD
Managing Director

Jenny is the founder and Managing Director of Cambridge Medical. The valued reputation of the company is testament to Jenny’s analytical mindset and her drive for accuracy and clarity when communicating scientific content. Jenny has more than 20 years of experience within the medical communications industry. An early riser, Jenny walks the dogs, and then walks to work.

Wendy Haywood, BSc (Hons)
Account Director

Wendy joined Cambridge Medical in 2005; following a short interlude, during which she worked as a freelance scientific copy-editor, she has returned as Account Director. Wendy has extensive experience across numerous therapy areas and the complete product life-cycle, including strategic communications. She specialises in creating highly polished materials, driven by a commitment to outstanding scientific quality. When not occupied entertaining her children, Wendy enjoys riding her horse.

Chris Watling, PhD
Principal Medical Writer

Chris has written on everything from neuropsychiatry to beauty products, and is equally at home writing for the general public or for a technical audience. His PhD is in medical materials, from the University of Cambridge. He enjoys cycling around Cambridgeshire, since it is one of the flattest parts of the country!

Liz Kelly, BSc (Hons)
Account Manager

Liz graduated from the University of Bristol with a degree in physiology. She enjoys working on a range of disease areas and products – her eye for detail ensures that projects are executed to the high-quality standard that is recognised by our clients. Liz enjoys the diversity of sports clubs in Cambridge and keeps fit for korfball by cycling to work.

Sarah Ramsden, PhD
Account Manager

Sarah completed her undergraduate studies in biochemistry at the University of Bristol, and went on to undertake a PhD in molecular neuroscience at University College London. Sarah’s background is in biomedical publishing and from this she brings excellent communication skills and a passion for keeping up-to-date with the latest research. In her spare time, Sarah loves baking, reading, and long walks.

Alice Field, BSc (Hons)
Content Verification Specialist

Alice was awarded a first-class degree in Biochemistry from the University of York, following which she gained experience of the scientific publishing industry before working at the forefront of clinical trial development within a pharmaceutical company. As a Content Verification Specialist, Alice uses her impeccable attention to detail to verify the accuracy of our projects. Outside of work, Alice is a keen baker and also enjoys playing badminton.

Laura Upstone, BA (Hons)
Medical Communications Associate

Laura received a first-class degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge. Studying pathology in her final year introduced her to a variety of disease areas, and she is eager to keep up with the latest research. As Medical Communications Associate, Laura shows flair within both the medical writing and editorial aspects of the business. In her spare time, Laura can be found working on her latest painting, or upside down on a yoga mat!

Sera Moore, MPharmacol (Hons)
Medical Communications Associate

Sera graduated from the University of Bath with a Master’s degree in Pharmacology. During her Master’s, she spent a year working for a pharmaceutical company in the research and development sector. Sera’s keen eye for detail and aptitude for medical writing are both put to good use as Medical Communications Associate. Outside of work, Sera can be found playing hockey or participating in any kind of water sport activity.

Christopher Edge, PhD
Scientific Consultant

After reading biochemistry at Leicester, Chris studied the molecular biology of alternative splicing at the University of Cambridge. Chris still demands academic levels of precision from the communication materials we produce, ensuring that we adhere to the highest possible scientific standards. Chris is also our resident foodie, giving great advice on where to eat out.

Rachel Innis, MSc (Distinction)
Medical Communications Associate

Rachel graduated from the University of Oxford with a degree in Cell and Systems Biology and went on to receive an MSc in Biopharmaceutical Development from the University of Leeds. During her MSc, Rachel spent a year working in research and development for a pharmaceutical company. As a Medical Communications Associate, she puts her understanding of both medical sciences and the pharmaceutical industry to good use in delivering high quality materials for a range of clients. Outside of work, Rachel can be found with her nose in a book, or out enjoying the rich local cultural scene.

We are always looking for talented individuals.
If you are looking for a career in medical communication and can empathise with our values, please feel free to contact us.

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Jayne Hemington
Office Manager

Over the last 10 years, Jayne has supported us in her role as Office Manager, overseeing the smooth day-to-day running of the office. When she isn’t organising our travel to various meetings or dealing with accounts, Jayne clinches all our deals for the office and keeps us from drowning in our own archives.

Paul McConkey
Non-executive Director

Paul helped Jenny to set up Cambridge Medical back in 1998 and, since then, has provided strategic advice to help grow the company. With a background in IT and software development, Paul leaves the science to the scientists, but has put systems in place that support the delivery of high-quality services. He is also up early, walking the dogs.