Strategic consultancy

At any stage of your project, we can work with you on a strategic level to help you achieve your goals through effective communication. Ask us how we can produce accurate, high-quality communication materials to meet your strategic requirements. If you are struggling to visualise how to achieve your communication aims, come to us for advice and suggestions.

“I have not met a better agency with such knowledge of a brand.”

Medical Marketing Manager, Europe

Project management

Our team of experienced project managers is adaptable and reliable, delivering on time and within budget. We work as part of your team with the shared purpose of achieving your goals. We aim to make your job easier.

“I’d like to thank you for the great job you have done on our project, it is a pleasure to work with you.”

Global Medical Adviser, Europe

Medical writing and editing

Whether you need us to develop a modular e-learning programme from inception, or to edit a presentation at the last minute, our team of writers and editors can support your communication strategy, at every level.

Our commitment to delivering excellence is reflected in the clear, concise materials we produce. Our internal quality processes ensure that each piece meets our high standards for accuracy and scientific integrity.

“I have just read Module 2, you’ve done a fantastic job. It is so readable, the illustrations are perfect…”

Global Brand Manager, Europe

Scientific services

Scientific expertise and accuracy of information are vital for effective communication. Our commitment to scientific integrity is reflected in our ability to navigate a vast array of scientific literature and interpret data from diverse analytical outputs to help keep your materials on track.

Whatever the size of the project, we can support you by conducting research, qualifying the content of existing materials, or preparing documents for regulatory approval. Whether you need to understand more about a particular disease area, substantiate a key fact, or are looking for a full compliance mark-up, our scientific services can facilitate the process.

“This was a substantial piece of work and the quality was excellent throughout, as always!”

Senior Medical Adviser, Europe

Speaker/Key Opinion Leader liaison

Our clients tend to be very busy people, working in collaboration with many external contributors.

Our knowledge of your product and our understanding of your communication strategy means that we can ensure your collaborations are fully supported.

Why not let us maximise your time by supporting your partnerships with speakers, Key Opinion Leaders, or focus groups.

“It’s a pleasure working so smoothly with a fellow professional.”

Key Opinion Leader, Israel


The balance between informative text and supportive imagery gives clarity to any communication piece, and is key to retaining the reader’s attention. Consistent themes and illustrative imagery keep the material interesting, and the appropriate use of figures and tables ensures optimal presentation and communication of your data.

From artwork realisation according to your product’s branding, to developing design guidelines, we want your materials to be visually clear and imaginative, as well as scientifically accurate.

Ask us how we can help you develop designs and concepts for your brand, including professional tools (such as InDesign), PowerPoint and Word templates that will ensure consistency across formats.

“The template looks good, very professional.”

Key Opinion Leader, Europe

Print buying and management

We embrace the digital revolution, but print is still a relevant format in the world of communications. The look and feel of printed material provides an invaluable experience for certain types of programme.

We have many years’ experience commissioning and managing print, so ask our advice on how we can make print work for you.

“I’ve just picked up a set of printed materials. They look really good, we are very pleased with them.”

Global Brand Manager, Europe